we dream of jensie... and the peloton in general

vincenzo nibali

My uncle took me to Kim Kardashian’s house. She showed us the place and then we (uncle and me) decided to go down the beach. The Lotto-Belisol bus. I decided to entered just to visit. Then it took us to some places and then to a holiday camp, which was inside of a abandoned prison (I think? or a underground church. Either way, it was very scary). After playing football it was lunch time and, afterwards, a very mean woman appeared. She ordered us to pray the Rosary but I denied and also told everyone there that, if they didn’t want, they didn’t have to, so she expelled me from the holiday camp without my Maglia Rosa (apparently I had won the Giro) and I started to cry and begging her to give me the trophy and my Maglia Rosa because it was mine and I wanted it back, but she ignored. When I arrived home, Nibali and some other people (that I knew that were involved in cycling but didn’t recognize any) were waiting for me. I got out of the car crying and they approached to comfort me. I told Nibali she had my Maglia Rosa and my trophy and didn’t want to give it back. They told me to climb the stairs and rest. I climbed some, didn’t stop crying and then I woke up. 

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